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Pezant’s Past, Present and Future

I am a 22 year old living in Vancouver. I’ve been here since my family moved from Montreal when I was 5 and then Calgary when I was 8. A lot of things have changed since I lived in those other cities. The language I was most able in (from French to English), the marital status of my parents (married to divorced), our number of pets (from a high of 5 to a low of 2. I still miss the ones we lost to time.), my level of education (all the way from elementary school to a Bachelor’s of Commerce from UBC)  and the severity of the seasons (from the freezing cold and searing heat in Montreal and Calgary to the mild climate of Vancouver). However, some things have remained constant, my fascination with photography, writing and music, my love of people (meeting them, talking with them, helping them out), my interest in technology (from configuring Soundblaster cards in the basement of our Calgary home to navigating FTP servers, troubleshooting everyone’s technical issues and setting up a stream) but most of all, and perhaps most memorably, my love of computer games has remained constant.

Obligatory Biography Post, while travelling in Greece on the island of Naxos!

Obligatory Biography Post, while travelling in Greece on the island of Naxos!

After deciding to leave a prestigious job at PricewaterhouseCoopers I’m hoping to find a balance between the business and technology side of things that I adore so much and my passion for games, writing and acting. I’m currently different possibilities in the game industry here in Vancouver while continuing to cast DotA 2 games, do tech consulting for small businesses and professionals, working on a small game of my own with an awesome team and writing about games on a regular basis.



  1. Bettsina

    Hi! – I stumble upon your blog looking for differences between Shaw and Telus internet, then I couldn’t help to noticed that you had a few posts about Heroes of the Storm, a game that I am currently obsessed with. And then I found a post about how to stop changing the language of the keyboard by accident! -which happens to me so often!
    Overall, finding your blog was one of those moments where you find something really interesting without looking for it.

    Anyways, just wanted to say that your blog is really cool, I hope you keep posting interesting stuff, and if you ever feel like playing with a random person on HoTS, lets play!

    1. pezant

      Hey Bettsina,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment.

      Did you find the Shaw vs. Telus article helpful? Let me know if you’d like some more information or a more in-depth opinion.

      I’m glad that you happened to find other stuff that you were interested in. It’s always nice when people stop by to read my content, :)! I’d be interested in playing a game of HotS. Send me a tweet at @nickthepezant with your username+code and I’ll add you on Battlenet!

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