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Things to do in Vancouver

Friends will occasionally ask me what to do in Vancouver so over time I’ve built a list. I’ll keep updating over time. Feel free to leave comments on what you think is worth doing in Vancouver!

Places of Interest

North Shore

  • Where I grew up!
  • Things to do
    • Lonsdale Quay
    • Ambleside Park
    • Take the Seabus to and from Vancouver
      • Nice ride with great views!
  • Nature
  • Grouse Mountain
    • Grouse Grind, intense hike up to the top of the mountain
    • Lumberjack show at the top
    • See wolves and bears
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge
    • Nice suspension Bridge
    • Walk amongst the trees
  • Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge
    • Nice hike in the woods
    • Free Suspension Bridge
    • Waterfalls
  • Deep Cove
    • Baden Powell Trail, Quarry Rock is a short hike with a great view
    • Kayaking
    • Cute little town
  • Lighthouse Park
    • Really nice hike and lighthouse by the water


UBC/Point Grey

  • Things to do
    • Museum of Anthropology
    • Beatty Biodiversity Museum
  • Nature
    • Huge forest on University Endowment lands that you can hike in
    • Wreck beach is nice to visit and has quite a nice view at sunset
      • Note that this is a nudist beach
    • Botanical Gardens at UBC are kind of nice


Downtown Vancouver

  • Things to do
    • Gastown
      • Hipster part of Vancouver
      • Cobblestone streets
      • Steam clock
      • Fancy coffee bars and silly fashion stores
    • Coal Harbour
      • Beautiful neighbourhood by the water
      • Pathway along the water that leads to Stanley park
    • Canada Place
      • Convention Centre by the water
      • Pathway by the water
      • Olympic Flame
    • Stanley Park
      • Amazing park that represents a big chunk of the city
      • You should bike around the Seawall!
      • Visit the Vancouver Aquarium if you like aquariums
    • Granville Island
      • Cool little island made from a sandbar
      • Used to be industrial now full of small artisan workplaces and cool shops
      • Visit the Granville Island Market
      • Improv at the Theatre on the Island is also very good.
    • Kitsilano/West 4th
      • Nice part of the city with restaurants and good shopping
      • Lots of streets named after trees
    • Granville Street
      • Street where pretty much all the clubs are located in Downtown Vancouver
    • Robson Street
      • Best known for shopping and food
      • Good ramen here
    • English Bay
      • Nice beach by Stanley Park with beautiful views
    • Vancouver Art Gallery
      • Art Gallery in the centre of the city. Various installations that rotate
    • Commercial Drive
      • Quirky part of the city with a lot of small businesses
      • Similar to the Mission in SF


Overall Recommendations

  • Ask for Luigi
    • AMAZING Italian food
  • Bon’s off Broadway
    • Crazy cheap breakfast diner, very colourful
  • Heritage Asian Eatery
    • Delicious Asian food. Get the Dandan Noodles, duck wings and crispy dumplings
  • Jade Garden
    • Love this Chinese food place on the North Shore. My favourites are the Hot & Sour Soup, Crispy Ginger Fried Beef and Pad Thai Fried Flat Noodle
  • Cafe by Tao
    • My mom’s raw vegan Cafe. Absolutely extraordinary and healthy food. Definitely don’t go here if you’re not into healthy food but if you have na interest you’ll love it.
  • Indian Village Eatery
    • The best Indian food I’ve had in Vancouver. Affordable, delicious and you can see them make your food. The most friendly and warm legit Indian ladies making your fantastic food.
  • Go Fish
    • Amazing fish & chips by Granville island. Beautiful views and you can get many different varieties of fish. I always go for the salmon, :D. Their coleslaw is great too!
  • Bao Bei
    • Taiwanese food in Chinatown
  • Meat and Bread
    • Simple and delicious sandwiches. Lunch rush is a bit crazy during weekdays but if you work around that you should be good!
  • Phnom Penh Restaurant
    • Great Vietnamese food. Make sure to get their chicken wings!


  • Go here for Indian food


  • Go here for Chinese food


  • Go here for Vietnamese food


  • Go here for Iranian food


Other Locations to Visit (Further Treks)


  • Excellent skiing and snowboarding in the winter
  • Great hikes and mountain biking in the summer

The Chief

  • Awesome hike up to the top of a massive granite face. Cool views.
  • Will take 2-3 hours depending on fitness


  • Capital city of British Columbia
  • Really nice place to visit for a day or two
  • Beautiful heritage buildings
  • Better weather than Vancouver
  • Lots of museums and such

Various Islands near Vancouver

  • Take the ferries to access these
  • Mix of beautiful nature, cute little towns
  • Totally different lifestyle from the mainland. Much slower and more down to earth.
  • Some islands to consider
    • Bowen Island
    • Galiano Island
    • Saltspring Island

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How to Pair Hush (CB3) Bluetooth Headphones

I recently got a pair of Hush Bluetooth Headphones at work and couldn’t figure out how to pair them to my computer for the life of me. After a bunch of searching online I finally found the answer!

  • If you look at your headphones with the noise cancelling toggle on the left you’ll see the other three buttons on the right.
  • The top one on the right side has a play/pause symbol on it (and a little circle nib).
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Marcus Bank: ACH Transfer Fund Availability

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