Comparison of Major Internet Providers in the Bay Area (Primarily San Francisco)

Tier Breakdown

Name Tier Level Speed Cost Reliability Additional Notes
Sonic (Fiber) A 1000 up/down $40/mo Excellent No annual contract
Webpass A 1000 up/down $60/month or $550/year ($45/month) Excellent Choice between annual or monthly contract
Monkeybrains (if in the right service area) A Excellent $105/3 months ($35/month) Good No annual contract, pay in 3 month increments, no modem required
Wave Broadband B 1000 up/down $62/month (12 month plan, doubles at end of term), may be able to reduce monthly cost by providing own modem Good Looks like recently service and pricing may have become significantly worse. I had a good experience with them back in 2015/16 though.
Comcast B 150 down $60/month Good Make sure you use your own modem or they’ll charge you a fee. Avoid the TV bundle as it includes a $8 fee that gets tacked on
AT&T C 1000 down 90/month (plus taxes) Good
Sonic (Non-Fiber) C 15MBps down 50/month Good Forced to take a home phone as part of your service
Race Communications Circumstantial 1000 up/down $60/mo Unknown
PAXIO Circumstantial 1000 up/down $99.50/mo Unknown

Gallery of all screenshots


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This site is kind of awful but sort of useful for getting a sense of what is available out there at a glance.


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