Comparison of Major Internet Providers in the Bay Area (Primarily San Francisco)

Tier Breakdown

NameTier LevelSpeedCostReliabilityAdditional Notes
Sonic (Fiber)A1000 up/down$40/moExcellentNo annual contract
WebpassA1000 up/down$60/month or $550/year ($45/month)ExcellentChoice between annual or monthly contract
Monkeybrains (if in the right service area)AExcellent$105/3 months ($35/month)GoodNo annual contract, pay in 3 month increments, no modem required
Wave BroadbandB1000 up/down$62/month (12 month plan, doubles at end of term), may be able to reduce monthly cost by providing own modemGoodLooks like recently service and pricing may have become significantly worse. I had a good experience with them back in 2015/16 though.
ComcastB150 down$60/monthGoodMake sure you use your own modem or they’ll charge you a fee. Avoid the TV bundle as it includes a $8 fee that gets tacked on
AT&TC1000 down90/month (plus taxes)Good 
Sonic (Non-Fiber)C15MBps down50/monthGoodForced to take a home phone as part of your service
Race CommunicationsCircumstantial1000 up/down$60/moUnknown 
PAXIOCircumstantial1000 up/down$99.50/moUnknown 


Gallery of all screenshots


This site is kind of awful but sort of useful for getting a sense of what is available out there at a glance.

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