Author: pezant

Block any ads from showing on your computer with AdGuard DNS

Connect to public AdGuard DNS server ( Set up your network settings to use AdGuard DNS and they’ll block any ad server requests for you. A good option if you don’t want to block ads across your entire network with something like a PiHole. Downside is that you’re sending all your traffic to a DNS […]

Things to Do in NYC

Little IslandXian Famous FoodsHamilton History WalkThe High LineCentral ParkThe New York Public LibraryRuss & Daughter’s CafeTake the ferry to Stanton Island (for free) and see the Statue of LibertyThe Strand book storeBike along the west side of ManhattanCOTE Korean Steakhouse is incredibleBike along the Brooklyn BridgeVisit Hunter’s PointMilk Bar for Dessert9/11 Memorial MuseumProspect Park

Fix: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 103

If you’re like me and trying to set up a scraping project and leveraging Selenium you may have run into the path requirement that I found to be puzzling. Luckily chromedriver-py solves that for you. However, upon install, I found that it wasn’t accepting the version of Chrome that I had installed (apparently the latest […]

How to request removal of your deleted content from Google

Have you ever deleted a post online or made a profile private and wanted it to be removed from search results? If that content is no longer available to the public, it should eventually be removed from search results but, if you want to expedite it, you can actually submit a request directly to Google […]

WoW Dungeon Reset to send you back to the start of the instance | Classic WoW

Sometimes you’re running a dungeon on repeat (say Blackrock Depths Emperor runs or a Maraudon Princess run) and don’t want to have to port back to a major city (or hearth away) and then run back to the dungeon again. There’s actually a way to reset the dungeon while keeping you in the instance and […]