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Things to Do in NYC

Little IslandXian Famous FoodsHamilton History WalkThe High LineCentral ParkThe New York Public LibraryRuss & Daughter’s CafeTake the ferry to Stanton Island (for free) and see the Statue of LibertyThe Strand book storeBike along the west side of ManhattanCOTE Korean Steakhouse is incredibleBike along the Brooklyn BridgeVisit Hunter’s PointMilk Bar for Dessert9/11 Memorial MuseumProspect Park

Official Google Adwords Coupon Link

Just want a code? Go here. If you want to get an introductory offer for the Adwords account you’re setting up you’ll see a bunch of results from random blogs claiming to have coupon codes that give you a certain amount of credit but inevitably those codes don’t work because they’ve been used, are expired […]

Marcus Bank: ACH Transfer Fund Availability

I recently opened a Marcus bank account (for the purposes of then transferring funds to another account and triggering a Direct Deposit). I funded with a transfer from Charles Schwab and it was taking forever for my funds to be available so I inquired how long it would take for them to available. Turns out […]