Dosh, $5 Referral Link

$5 offer for new users joining Dosh.

I recently came across Dosh in r/churning and looked into it a bit. When signing up, I did my due diligence on checking for any referral or signup promos. If you just create an account regularly you don’t get any initial cash on signup but if you use a referral link you do. So make us both happy and use mine, :P!

Briefly, Dosh gives you cashback for purchases made on credit and debit cards that you’ve added to the app with participating merchants.

Use this link (, make sure to open on your mobile device) to set up a Dosh account and get $5 for linking your first card (debit or credit).

In my opinion, its worth setting up because you can earn cashback on purchases you’re already making without having to even think about it. Do bear in mind that they will be able to monitor transactions for the cards that you sign up with (if that’s a concern for you).

Here’s a screenshot of nearby offers for me if you’re curious

Do note that, unfortunately, you need to earn another $20 in Dosh (minimum $25 balance to withdraw) before you’re allowed to cash out.

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