How to Pair Hush (CB3) Bluetooth Headphones

I recently got a pair of Hush Bluetooth Headphones at work and couldn’t figure out how to pair them to my computer for the life of me. After a bunch of searching online I finally found the answer!

  • If you look at your headphones with the noise cancelling toggle on the left you’ll see the other three buttons on the right.
  • The top one on the right side has a play/pause symbol on it (and a little circle nib).
  • When you hold it for long enough you’ll hear a “Power On”.
  • Keep holding that same button and you’ll hear “Pairing On” and that’s when it’ll enter pairing mode
  • Note: You won’t be able to enter pairing mode if your headphones are already on (no matter how long you hold the button).

When holding the button down and you hear device is powered up keep holding the button down and you will hear pairing mode on. It took a little while for me to figure that out as well.

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