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Just want a code? Go here.

If you want to get an introductory offer for the Adwords account you’re setting up you’ll see a bunch of results from random blogs claiming to have coupon codes that give you a certain amount of credit but inevitably those codes don’t work because they’ve been used, are expired or the author is lying. The only way to reliably get an intro offer is to go to Google themselves and get a promo code from them. This was surprisingly difficult information to find so I’ve brought it together here to benefit you, :)!

The current offer is to get a $75 credit once you’ve spent $25 on Adwords (which is much better than a $0 credit once you’ve spent $25 on Adwords, :P). Make sure that your budget is 10$/day or more otherwise you won’t qualify for the credit (I got burned by this, 🙁 )!

You can find the Google offer here.

I’ve also included the page in an iFrame below if you’re lazy and don’t want to navigate to the site, :).

Important note: You can’t make use of this coupon if you’re using an account that was already signed up with Adwords so make sure that that you use a new email address to sign up for this. There are many folks posting on forums and the like complaining about having used the coupon and it not applying (since they weren’t applying it to a fresh account).

Once you provide your email and generate the offer you’ll get an email like this containing your coupon code, :).

Terms and conditions of Offer (for anyone interested)

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