How to Get Netflix on the Razer Forge TV

“If you’re like me and you got a Razer Forge TV but were dismayed by the lack of Netflix you’ll be happy to hear that it is in fact possible to get it working on your Razer Forge TV despite the launch and support of the device being completely fumbled and the product outright discontinued (apparently the Forge TV has not been discontinued despite many signs seemingly pointing to that fate).

You have two choices, download from the link that I’ve uploaded the APK file to, or from the APK mirror place that I got it from in the first place.

Obtaining the file

  • Getting it from the link I’ve uploaded it to
    • Open  your default web browser app.
    • Type in: “”””
    • Click on the link to download the APK from the link that you’ve been navigated to should be (
    • Install Netflix!
  • Getting it from the mirror site
    • Download the app ES File Manager through the Google Store on your Razer Forge TV.
    • Navigate to favourites and go to Google.
    • Search APK Mirror
    • Select the first search result,
    • Navigate two presses to the right and hit the select button on your remote.
    • Search for Netflix
    • Scroll down and select Netflix 3.16 Build 5294.
    • Navigate down until you see a box around the Google Play store icon and then navigate one to the right. Hit the select button to start your download. Once it’s downloaded go ahead and install.

Once you’ve finished your install you’ll have to go to Settings > Apps and then select Netflix there to open it.

Enjoy using Netflix on your Razer Forge TV device.

This article was inspired by instructions from MaterializeBD’s Youtube video here.

That’s all for now. Have a pezant day!

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