WoW Dungeon Reset to send you back to the start of the instance | Classic WoW

Sometimes you’re running a dungeon on repeat (say Blackrock Depths Emperor runs or a Maraudon Princess run) and don’t want to have to port back to a major city (or hearth away) and then run back to the dungeon again. There’s actually a way to reset the dungeon while keeping you in the instance and sending you back to the start of the instance.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Once you want to reset the dungeon and send yourself back to the start of the instance.
  • Invite an alt character that is not inside the dungeon
  • Promote that alt character to be party leader
  • Have everyone log out of the game (you need to log out & wait the 20 seconds you can’t just expedite by exiting)
  • Reset the dungeon from that alt character (right click on your character frame and click on “Reset all instances”). If you’ve done it correctly you’ll get a message like “Maraudon has been reset”.
  • Log back into the instance on your other characters and you should now be back where you zoned in with a fresh dungeon to run!


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