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Chrome Remote Desktop: Thoughts and my Troubleshooting to get it Installed

“Yesterday, Google released Chrome Remote Desktop giving Android users another option with which to access their desktops from an Android device (CRD also gives computers running the Chrome browser another remote desktop/assistance solution). It’s a pretty neat solution. All you need to do is add it into Chrome and add the app on your Android device (or in Chrome on your accompanying computer if you’re doing computer to computer). After that, you choose a PIN and tell it to set up Remote Desktop on your computer.

Unfortunately, CRD lacks some of the features of other programs like Splashtop (which I wrote about here); For example, if you are connecting from your tablet, you are limited to manipulating your screen by dragging the cursor around and then clicking to click where the cursor is selected (so you can’t simply click on what you would like to click on) and it doesn’t play sound from your computer or allow you to only select one monitor if you have multiple monitors running. But it makes up for that in the fact that it is free no matter what and pretty simple to set up.

This is what your setup process should look like.



I was getting an error message from Chrome Remote Desktop after I’d added it to my Chrome browser that it “”Failed to start remote access service”” after typing my PIN for it to use. I was able to solve this issue based on a suggestion from the Google Product Forums from Billy Zimmerman to download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host and name the file chromeremotedesktophost-27.0.1453.65 before running it. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and run the file. Then try getting CRD to set up a remote connection again. I was able to connect again! You can also try whitelisting the executable in your firewall ,running Chrome as administrator or Changing Google Update Service properties to Automatic (see Justin West’s post on that here) if you’re still having difficulties.



That’s all for now. Have a pezant day!

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