The Daily Hero Challenge: A Daily Struggle Leading to Enlightenment

“The Daily Hero Challenge (or, as I like to refer to it: the DHC) is a fascinating beast. Like it’s younger brother before it (the Ten Hero Challenge) the DHC brings with it a set of obstacles beyond simply winning a game with the hero you have been assigned. To reach this lofty goal you must overcome all before you and push forward to achieve the greatness that you were destined for. This leads to games where, with everyone deadset on picking their hero of the day, compositions that are normally well-coordinated, elegant creatures become monstrous abominations.

Rather than be upset by such misshapen heaps of flesh and bone I suggest you consider this an opportunity to make at least one game every day a unique challenge and struggle. Consider this, when the DHC ends you will not have an opportunity to experience such delightfully skewed and strange games again until it comes around for the next International.

I will not lie. I have had games where I thought it might be better to give up rather than have to suffer through such horrors for any length of time longer. But, having breached that initial wave of disgust I am now ready to embrace my fate. The DHC shall pollute my games with all sorts of sub-optimal decision making and players choosing heroes they are awful with or have very little experience with. But that is ok. I will make the best of it and find the humour in the situation I and so many other people find themselves in. Let’s make the best of a silly situation!

With that in mind, a few tips on how to go about enjoying your time with the DHC.

If you haven’t finished your DHC yet ALWAYS pick your hero. No matter what

  • Let’s be honest, you’re not playing to win. So, reach for the stars and grab the hard carry that you have been commanded from on up high to play despite there already being 3 other hard carries and a jungler on your team already.

Do not expect your unranked games to make any sense.

  • Though this may not be the case for everyone, or in every game, you’ll likely see some of the strangest compositions you have ever witnessed. It may just be your teammates being stupid but give them the benefit and assume they are doing their DHC (just as you likely are since you are in unranked). Embrace the uncertainty and surprise your opponents (who likely have a few strange picks of their own due to similar factors).

Adopt the title of “”Comeback King””

  • You’ve seen the worst of it. You’ve seen your lane reduced to a bloody battlefield littered with copies of your team’s level one corpses. But all is not lost. Shake off that thousand yard stare and wait for your opponents to get cocky and pounce on their mistakes. Snatch glorious victory from the jaws of defeat and be forever remembered as the Comeback King.

Should the contagion show signs of spreading to ranked play stamp it out immediately

  • Shenanigans in unranked play are to be expected. DHCs are not to be attempted in ranked play. Should a dubious suggestion come to light immediately dismiss it and remind your teammates of the one true goal. MMR.

Party up to share the pain

  • Having just suffered through a brutal game as a support Slardar (in an attempt to complete my DHC) I wasn’t sure if I could go on any longer. But, whilst on the brink of despair I found comfort in the company of friends. We queued together and embraced our attempts at the DHC with gusto and good humour. Our game went surprisingly well and despite our attempts to throw it we still won handily. So, if you are beginning to feel the weight of your daily duties beginning to drag you down, consider dragging some of your friends into your suffering and make light of it.

Like it or not, this is an unprecedented period for experimentation and you will be a part of the scientific inquiry whether you like it or not. Let’s all look forward to the ridiculous team compositions and game scenarios that will rise out of this. Heck, even I feel better after writing this post. It’s not going to be all bad, right?

That’s all for now. Have a pezant day!

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