The Neverending Quest: Life as a Gamer

I’ve played video games as far back as my memories go. I remember being in the basement of my home back when I was six playing educational games with my siblings. One of the most magical things about video games was that when I played them(even the single player ones) they always involved my friends and others. Games were there to keep us up through the night while we hung out together. I distinctly remember being unable to glance at the TV screen for more than a few terrifying moments as my buddies played through Resident Evil. They made visits to Metrotown so epic when they still had Playdium there and my brother and I would burn countless tokens playing through Gauntlet Legends (which we eventually bought on eBay for the N64). My cousins, siblings and I would alternate between playing games like Harvest Moon on the N64 and running around outside when they would come to stay over at our place during the summer.

Games served as a way for my siblings and I (but especially me and my brother) to share fantastic experiences together. My brother and I using a walkie talkie to report on my parents’ whereabouts while we surreptitiously played Dungeon Keeper on a shitty old computer squirreled away in our basement. One year during Christmas break after we’d finally succumbed and starting playing World of Warcraft we were so incredibly drawn to the game that we would play through the night and take turns waking each other up while our parents were sleeping so that we could get more play time in. There are so many more hilarious and touching stories that I’ll elaborate on later on but for the sake of time and space I’ll leave it to that for now.

Games were there to bring me and my friends together with many raucous games of Mario Party, Super Smash Bros., Goldeneye, Gauntlet Legends, and Mario Kart. Later on those games evolved into things like Age of Empires, Starcraft I and II, World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2 and DotA 1 and 2. Alongside those lively social experiences were the engrossing single player ones. Civ 2,Master of Orion 1 and 2, the original XCom, Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood, Dune 2000, Warcrafts 1-3, Knights of the Old Republic, Beyond Good and Evil, Bango Kazooie Sid Meier’s Pirates, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon,  Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2, Portal, FTL, Binding of Isaac, the list goes on and on. As I grew older, so did my love for video games. In fact, I love games so much that I’ve continued to play them even though I’m now working full time and it has become a great deal more difficult to find the time to enjoy them. But I soldier on because my passion only continues to grow and there is so much to discover. So much to learn. So much to enjoy.

Video games occupy a significant part of my life. They let me explore new worlds. Encounter and experience so many amazing things. Be part of so many stories. Continuing to challenge myself and improve. Always seeking that edge and capitalizing on small details to pull ahead.  My gaming sessions extend late into the night as my friends and I egg each other on to continue playing. After a long night of attempting not to be a failure at DotA as I see the sun peeking through the windows at 7 in the morning I really realise just how compelling and wonderful video games and the times spent playing them with friends are. Why else would you go through such lengths and so many trying hours through the night if it weren’t so much fun sharing these experiences with friends?

As I’ve continued playing video games I’ve really come to appreciate the camaraderie and communities that sprout up around them. Our communities. The ones that create mods, run forums, do fan art and cosplay, hound the developers for new content and fastidiously keep track of bugs, revel in the Easter eggs left for them to discover, and passionately debate balance and the evolution of game; these communities are what make gaming such a unique and vibrant culture. Through gamers’ involvement in forums, fan sites, video game conferences, social media and the like they have an opportunity to complete immerse themselves in what they love and even contribute to its development.

I’ve been struggling how to think I can share my joy of gaming with others and,embrace a lifestyle where I spend all my time appreciating all that the world of gaming has to offer and spread the honest, pure joy of playing with others. But I’ve figured it out. Create a website that encompasses all of what I talked about above. And, unsurprisingly, I’ll be doing it with my friends! It is going to be about all that we’ve given and gotten from being gamers. A website that encompasses the entirety of gaming and what it is to be a gamer. Reviews for games we’ve played, videos of us playing the games we love, commentating for games with an eSports component, thoughts on different hardware and accessories we’ve used and ideal setups and whatever else we think you guys would like. A website that allows you to revel in being a gamer and connect with other people who feel the same

We’ll do our very best to make every moment worth it for you. So, what do you think? Join us in this adventure? We promise to make it worth your while! To start, we’ll be creating content on a weekly basis and increasing it as things ramp up. Let us know what you’d be interested in seeing and if you do like what we do, please share it with your friends!</p>
Thank you for taking the time to read my musings and we wish you a pezant (like pleasant, but pezant because that’s my handle) day.


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