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Part II – You’re Not Alone: How to be a Selfless Support

“So you’re probably feeling pretty good about your supporting at this point. You know you serve a noble purpose and you’re aware that you’ve got to try and do it as efficiently as possible but you’re probably wondering. What about later on? What do I do? Or, how about the mid game? I feel like […]

Part I – You’re Not Alone: How to be a Selfless Support

“Supporting in DotA is a tough, sometimes thankless job. We’ll all been there and there are many articles about it. This is a short rundown of what you contribute to your team as a support and how you can build on your contributions. At the end of the article there is a variety of sources that provide […]

Pezant’s Picks : Ameliorating Alex’s Arena #1

“Helping my friend draft for arena as he was struggling to get past three wins (having recently started playing). Last deck we drafted went 5-3 which was a significant improvement. You can see me going through the drafting process with him as well a advising on the first game in the video below. [youtube_video clip_id=””baK__GN3oTA”” […]

Counter Strike: Weapon Purchasing, Pickups and the Importance of Accuracy

“This next piece (previous post here) in my extended thoughts on mechanics in CS:GO is all about weapons. One of the most important facets of CS. A player armed with the correct weapon and a few carefully placed bullets can take down two or three other players (like the AWP for example) or even eliminate […]

Spring is Here!: Patch 6.81 Release and Brief Thoughts

“Its a good day! Another set of patch notes has been released to the masses and its contents are quite interesting. Most universally accepted and adored are the multitude of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, many of which have been discussed over the past few months as areas for improvement. After that come […]

Sometimes There Can be Too Much Minimalism: Bringing Back Your Extension Buttons in Chrome

“Have you ended up in the tragic position where Chrome has decided to eliminate all your extension buttons and left you with a clean, minimalist look? I too was in the same position just a few days ago and couldn’t quite remember how to exit that state and get my beloved cluttered buttons back. However, […]

Chrome Remote Desktop: Thoughts and my Troubleshooting to get it Installed

“Yesterday, Google released Chrome Remote Desktop giving Android users another option with which to access their desktops from an Android device (CRD also gives computers running the Chrome browser another remote desktop/assistance solution). It’s a pretty neat solution. All you need to do is add it into Chrome and add the app on your Android […]

Will Hearthstone Ever Be Released on Android?: Setting up Splashtop and Using It as a Temporary Stopgap

“ As many of you surely know, Hearthstone was recently released on iPad but it isn’t scheduled to be released on Android or iPhone until the middle of the year or so (not to mention the various other platforms that it will likely never be released for). It seemed quite pleasant to be able to […]

A Quality Voice Communication Experience: Axon

Update Axon has been dead for some time now but I recommend Discord if you’re looking for a voice chat solution! “Gaming is so much about communicating and the social aspect of sharing experiences with your friends so voice communication is paramount. I’ve been playing games for years now and have been through a multitude of […]

Being Honest with Oneself: A Long Term Winning Strategy

“We’ll all been in that game where every possible thing goes wrong. Your teammates are complete idiots, each close cut scenario goes in favour of your enemy instead of yourself, you can’t catch a lucky break even just to stem the bleeding and all hope is lost. When you’re consumed by anger and disappointment its […]

FTL: The Advanced Edition Experience

“I absolutely loved FTL and played 45+ hours of it upon its initial release. It is a beautiful game that manages to capture the elusive feeling of exploration, the wonder of discovery, the weightiness of decision making and the delicate balance between success and failure whilst out in the great, dark, endless unknown that is […]