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Will Hearthstone Ever Be Released on Android?: Setting up Splashtop and Using It as a Temporary Stopgap

“ As many of you surely know, Hearthstone was recently released on iPad but it isn’t scheduled to be released on Android or iPhone until the middle of the year or so (not to mention the various other platforms that it will likely never be released for). It seemed quite pleasant to be able to […]

A Quality Voice Communication Experience: Axon

Update Axon has been dead for some time now but I recommend Discord if you’re looking for a voice chat solution! “Gaming is so much about communicating and the social aspect of sharing experiences with your friends so voice communication is paramount. I’ve been playing games for years now and have been through a multitude of […]

Being Honest with Oneself: A Long Term Winning Strategy

“We’ll all been in that game where every possible thing goes wrong. Your teammates are complete idiots, each close cut scenario goes in favour of your enemy instead of yourself, you can’t catch a lucky break even just to stem the bleeding and all hope is lost. When you’re consumed by anger and disappointment its […]

FTL: The Advanced Edition Experience

“I absolutely loved FTL and played 45+ hours of it upon its initial release. It is a beautiful game that manages to capture the elusive feeling of exploration, the wonder of discovery, the weightiness of decision making and the delicate balance between success and failure whilst out in the great, dark, endless unknown that is […]

MediaHint’s Unwelcome Update And An Alternative Extension: ProxMate

“I’ve been using MediaHint to be able to access US Netflix and Pandora happily for the past year or so but recently they released an update that asked for some troubling new permissions. After doing some searching regarding the new update and hearing about how the new update required the creation of an account and […]

Trials of the Arena: Making the Most of your 150 Gold Spent

” New to Hearthstone? Get it here. For players new to Hearthstone, the arena is a tempting, and intimidating proposition. For 150 gold you have the chance to pick 30 cards (from a random slate of 3 at a time) and get as far as you can before you fall three times. The further you […]

Counter Strike: Another Brutal Learning Curve

“I must be a masochist. After going through the trial by hell-fire of learning the various intricacies of DotA (and this was back in WC3 where it was even less friendly to new players) and Starcraft II I’ve decided to pick up another game that has a notoriously steep learning curve, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. […]

Free to Play: The Stories of Those Who Play the Game We Love

“It’s easy to look at pro players like Dendi or Fear and think that they must be on top of the world given that they are where they are now. It’s true, they are playing a game full time and being paid to do it but that doesn’t mean they are without their personal battles […]

No Longer Ban-Prone Batrider: Icefrog and Valve’s Design Philosophy Regarding DotA 2

“ With the release of patch 6.80 for DotA 2 we see yet another series of well thought and targeted changes for heroes and gameplay. It is truly remarkable that in a game with 105 heroes the balance team for DotA 1 and 2 continues to make game design decisions that improve the game rather […]

The 1.43 Million Dollar Draft: Game 5 Alliance vs. Na’vi

“Some people may find the drafting stage to be long and drawn out. However, once you begin to consider the elaborate strategic decisions and mindgames that are occurring behind those seconds ticking away on the screen it becomes a simple task to allow yourself to be drawn into the intellectual battle that is unfolding before […]

Tidehunter’s Tumble: An Analysis of the Leviathan’s Falling Popularity

“Tidehunter used to be such a frequent appearance in professional games that he even had a team, No Tidehunter (now playing under the name of Alliance), jokingly named in honour of him because they found him so annoying to play against. Unfortunately, (at least for those who enjoy watching him being played in professional matches), […]